Global Hazards

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  • Global Hazards
    • Is the world becoming more hazardous?
      • Due to the media disasters like Hurricane Katrina or the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami stay in our minds for years
      • Floods and windstorms are becoming more frequent (accounting for 75% of natural disasters) due to warming of the sea and more convection currents in the atmosphere
      • On the whole deaths are becoming less frequent but financial damage has sky-rocketed
    • Effects of natural disasters on people
      • The number of people who are effected each year has increased
      • Due to the population rising to 7 billion in 2011 people now inhabit once uninhibited areas
      • More people live in marginal areas
        • Coastal cities in which harbour side or beach side houses and flats are more exposed to hurricanes
        • Housing developments on river flood plains which, by their nature, are more likely to flood
    • Who suffers the most from disasters?
      • This is mostly relative
        • Because MEDC's have high value infrastructures and builds financial damages is much higher in these areas
        • In LEDC's they do live in marginal areas due to rapid urbanisation but their houses and infrastructure is cheaper meaning less financial damage but because its weaker more death
          • On the whole these areas are more at risk too because most LEDCs are near plate boundaries such as the Philippines or hotspots (Hawaii)
    • Investigating the world's worst?
      • 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan in October there were 70,000 deaths
      • 2005 Hurricane Katrina killed 1300 people and caused $81 billion in damages
    • Why are floods and windstorms increasing?
      • Increased warming of the earth causes warm air to rise creating convection cells which form hurricanes
      • Increasing temperatures increase evapouration evapouration which leasds to more percipitation and therefore more flooding
    • The tsunami horror
      • 2004 Boxing Day Earthquake it was was a rare one - it only occurs 100 years or so
        • 9 on the Richter scale it was 100 times stronger than the Kobe earthquake in 1995
        • 275,00 people died
        • 9$.9 billion in damages
        • 141,000 homes were destroyed


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