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  • Glass
    • Key Examples
      • Kas - 175 raw glass ingots of cylindrical shape
        • These ingots match the glass melting crucibles found at Amarna and Pi-Ramesses in Egypt
      • Glass ornaments with deer carvings, c1400BC
      • Necklace of blue cast glass beads & their gold covers, c1400BC
      • Glass tiles with human faces in profile, c1400BC
    • Problems
      • Not possible to discern if trade in glass was occurring directly between glass producing regions & foreign customers
    • Purpose of materials & goods
      • Glass was being consumed by elites of Eastern Mediteranean & Western Asia
      • Raw glass ingots were exported
      • Local distribution through state control to state sponsored artisans
    • Decoration
      • Deer
      • Faces
    • Origins, trade & production
      • Mycenaean glass beads made from glass from  Egypt & Babylon
        • The fact that the beads are stylistically Mycenaean would imply an import of raw glass
      • Mycenaean craftsmen would have had to import glass - didn't have necessary resources for production
      • Produced in Egypt & Mesopotamia with workshops possibly specialising in colour


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