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      • The tories priority was to cut local taxes while Gladstone wanted to abolish income tax.
      • The liberals left a £5 million surplus in the budget when they left office, while tories left £8million.
      • Liberals had reformed institutions which the tories avoided this and focuced on social reform.
      • Tories strongly opposed the disestablishment of the church of Ireland in 1869
      • Gladstone revelled in making speeches to great crowds, Disraeli avoided this
      • Gladstone worked on the details of some reforms himself. Disraeli preffered to decide on broad prioprities and let the civil servants work out the details.
      • Both defended the CofE and the right of the aristocracy to their role in gov.
      • Both believed in free trade and low taxes.
      • Many Tory social reforms were built on what the liberals had started,
      • both parties opposed to irish home rule before 1880.


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