GCSE Law- Getting legal advice

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  • Getting Legal Advice
    • Solicitors
      • Features
        • Legal professions
        • Available all over the UK
      • Advantages
        • Legally qualified
        • Can represent       clients in court
      • Disadvantages
        • The most expensive form of legal advice
        • If relaying on public funding then you must a solicitor with a contract for this type of work
    • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)
      • Features
        • 3,300 bureaux in UK
        • Staffed mainly by volunteers
      • Advantages
        • Advice is likely to be free
        • Specialists in   social/ welfareproblems
      • Disadvantages
        • Do not specialise in all aspects in law
        • Unable to negotiate or represent clients in court
    • Law Centres
      • Features
        • Staffed by salaried professionals
        • Funded by the government
      • Advantages
        • Free advice to those on a low income
        • Specialists in social/welfare  law issues
      • Disadvantages
        • Rely on having sufficient resources
        • Demand for their services means there is a huge volume of work
    • Websites
      • Features
        • Websites exist for the purpose of giving general legal  advice
      • Advantages
        • Easily accessible advice
        • Free advice on general issues
      • Disadvantages
        • Not the most reliable source of information
        • The advice given will be general and not relate to a specific person so further advice is likely required


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