Germany: Key Individuals

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  • Germany - Individuals
    • Fredrich Ebert
      • First president of Weimar until death in 1925
    • Hindenburg
      • Second and last president of Weimar
    • Adolf Hitler
      • Became dictator in 1934, leader of Nazi party
    • Goebbels
      • Nazi leader of propaganda
    • Goering
      • Nazi leader put in charge of Four Year Plan
    • Himmler
      • Put in charge of ** and Gestapo
    • Martin Niemoller
      • One of the founders for Confessional church
      • Famous for statement, "first they came.."
      • Opposed Nazis take over of Christian church
    • Dietrich Bonhoeffer
      • Plotted against Hitler, a protestant.
      • Set up Confessing Church
      • Becomes part of Jewish rescue action
      • Killed in concentration camp
    • Schacht
      • Minister of Economy, in charge of New Plan
    • Stresemann
      • Chancellor then foreign minister of Weimar
      • Helped introduce 'Golden Years' of prosperity
    • Robert Ley
      • Put in charge of German Labour Front
    • von Papen
      • Made a deal with Hitler to make him chancellor
    • van der Lubbe
      • Communist accused of starting Reichstag Fire
    • Stauffenberg
      • Plotted against Hitler in famous 'Stauffenberg Bomb Plot'
    • Gertrude Scholtz-Kilink
      • In charge of Women's Beureau
      • Ideal woman
    • Wolfgang Kapp
      • Leader of the Kapp Putsch
    • Rosa Luxemburg
      • Co-leader of Spartacists, murdered by Freikorps
    • Otto Dix
      • His artwork was banned
    • Rudolph Hess
      • Was deputy 'Fuhrer', negotiated with UK to see about peace
    • Archbishop Muller
      • In charge of Reich church
    • Heydrich
      • Was in charge of keeping invaded countries under control
      • Chaired in Wannsee Conference
    • Anton Drexler
      • Formed the German Workers Party DAP (former Nazi name)
    • Count Galen
      • Criticised Hitler in his sermon


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