Cold War Part 1

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  • Cold War
    • Ideologies
      • Communism
        • State owns everything
          • Indusry
          • Economic
          • Media
        • Everyone is treated equally
        • One party
      • Capitalism
        • Individual freedom
        • Multi Party system
          • Democracy
        • Privately Owned
    • Three Conferences
      • Yalta
        • Germany to be split into four zones
          • Controlled by the USA, USSR, UK and France
        • Germany would pay $20 billion in reparations
        • United Nations would be set up after the war
        • Consequence
          • Disagreed about what to do with Germany and Poland
        • February 1945
        • Roosevelt (USA), Churchill (UK), Stalin (USSR)
      • Tehran
        • An international body to be set up  after the war
        • Germany to remain weak after the war
        • November 1943
        • Roosevelt (USA), Churchill (UK), Stalin (USSR)
      • Potsdam
        • Reconfirmed that Germany would be split into four zones
          • Controlled by the USA, USSR, UK and France
        • Berlin was also to be split into four zones
          • German economy would run as a whole
          • Consequence
            • Lack of trust between Superpowers: Stalin lied about retreating troops from Eastern Europe and Truman withheld information about USA's atomic bomb-built in 1945
          • July - August 1945
          • Truman (USA), Attlee (UK), Stalin (USSR)
      • The Long Telegram, the Novikov Telegram and the Iron Curtain Speech
        • The Long Telegram
          • Sent by George Kennan
            • Deputy Chief at US embassy in Moscow
          • It stated that the Soviet expansion would be aggressive and should take firm action
          • Consequence
            • Influenced Truman's policy of containment
          • 22nd February 1946
        • The Novikov Telegram
          • Sent by Nikolai Novikov
            • Soviet ambassador to the US
          • US military expansion could be a great threat to the USSR
          • Consequence
            • Hardened attitudes toward USA
          • 27th September 1946
        • Iron Curtain speech
          • March 5th 1946
          • Spoke By Churchill
            • Said the Soviets were a threat to freedom and to world peace
          • Consequence
            • Increased tension and as a result the USSR strengthened their forces


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