Germany 1890-1945 (5)

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  • Germany 1890-1945 (5)
    • The Nazis and women
      • They wanted women to be mothers and housewives
        • Kinder, Kirche, Küche
        • Aims to increase population and keep traditional family values
      • Encouraged to have many children
        • Rewards (£££, medals, privileges) depending on number of children
          • Loans given to young couples if woman does not work. Not paid back if they had 4 kids
        • The Honour Cross of the German Mother awarded to large families
        • Contraception and abortion were hard to access and women too old to have children were encouraged to let husband have kids with other women
      • Lebensborn programme let ** father a baby
        • Birth rate increased by 50% 1933 - 1939
      • Encouraged to stop working and sacked from government-controlled jobs
        • In 1937 they changed their mind as they needed workers
          • In WWII 3mil women were conscripted but only 1mil obeyed
      • Not allowed to wear make-up or smoke
        • Nazi attempt to reverse changes from Golden Years
    • Nazis and the economy
      • Hitler believed economical problems were because of reliance on foreign goods so tried to make Germany self-sufficient
      • New Plan restricted imports but increased debts
        • Encouraged use of local produce
      • Promised to reduce unemployment which happened - 6mil in 1932 to 0.4mil in 1949
        • Only happened due to sacking women and Jews, use of RAD to force young people to volunteer
        • Re-armament employed millions of men in army or factories
      • Living conditions improved in the 1930s due to the global economy's recovery
      • Trade unions banned 1933, Beauty of Labour scheme kept workers quiet
    • The Nazis and the Church (1)
      • Agreement signed in July 1933 so Nazis and Church leave each other alone
      • Children forced out of Catholic youth groups into Nazi ones
      • 1937 - Pope's statement criticised Nazi treatment of kids.
      • Cardinal Galen criticised euthanasia policy and Niemöller set up illegal Confessional Church


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