An Inspector Calls - Gerald Croft Quotes

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  • Gerald Croft
    • ACT 1
      • "You couldn't have done anything else"
        • Priestley shows that Gerald has similar views that Mr Birling (capitalist views).
      • "Well-bred young man about town"
        • The quote shows that Gerald is upper-class, but is also considered a lad and may also reveal some a manipulative side that is suggested in Act 2.
    • ACT 3
      • "There isn't any such inspector.  We've been had."
        • Gerald sides with Mr & Mrs Birling and tips the scale in their favour.  This shows that Gerald hasn't learned anything due to his status in society.  Showing one of his weaknesses.
      • "Everything's all right now, Sheila. What about this ring?"
        • Gerald shows that he doesn't think anything has happened.  He immediately expects that everything will return to normal and that he can get re-engaged to Shiela.  This shows that he hasn't understood the lesson that the Inspector tried to teach
    • ACT 2
      • "I insisted on Daisy moving into those rooms and I made her take some money"
        • Priestley a lot of command words, suggesting that Gerald is manipulating Daisy for his own benefit.
      • "I noticed a girl that looks quite different. She was very pretty"
        • It suggest that Gerald only noticed Daisy because of her appearance as if Gerald might get something out of this and not a random act of kindness.


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