An inspector calls quotes- Gerald Croft

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  • An inspector calls quotes: Gerald Croft
    • 'Where did you get the idea that I did know her?'.
      • Acting like he didn't know Eva/Daisy like Mr Birling.
        • Trying not to take any part in this situation by assuming he never knew the girl.
          • Mr Birling is trying to drop Gerald into the situation as Birling doesn't want to loose anything such as money or business.
    • 'She told me she'd been happier than she'd ever be before'.
      • His sense of generosity is not in place
        • Gerald doesn't have to try to please Sheila because she is happy with him.
          • As the younger generation, she is more happy with relationships than money like her father.
    • 'And I've told you- I was awfully busy at the works all that time'.
      • Could suggest that he couldn't make enough time for Sheila because he was working.
        • Gerald needs to learn how to show more respect for Sheila.
          • He stops in the middle of his sentence which shows he isn't actually that bothered to make an effort.
    • 'Hard to say'.
      • Responding to the question if he was in love with Eva/Daisy.
        • Puzzled about his relationship.
          • Claiming that he didn't feel the same way towards Eva/Daisy like she did to him.


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