IB SL Enviro- Geology Concepts

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  • Geology Concepts
    • Reasons for Seasonal and Climate vegetation
      • Earth's tilt- earth is tilted 23.5 degrees on it's axis
      • Earth's Rotation- Every year the Earth makes one full rotation around the sun
      • Seasons on Earth- depending on Earth's rotation one pole will get more sun
      • Solar Intensity and Latitude- equator ALWAYS warmer than poles
    • Plate tectonics and Natural Disasters
      • Layers of the Earth
        • Core- earths center, composed of Ni and Fe
        • Mantle- surrounds the core( Si, Mg, Fe, O2)
        • Crust- covers mantle, made up of basalts/granite
          • Oceanic Crust: floor of ocean's basins. Thinner and more dense than continental crust
          • Continental Crust:broken up into tectonic plates, which are in constant movement with one another
        • Plate Boundaries
          • Divergent- formed when plates move away from one another-> causes magma to rise & coo
            • mid atlantic ridge
          • Convergent- when 2 plates meet and grind together. Creates subduction zones
            • Ring of Fire, Himalayas
          • Transform- plates glide past each other
            • San Andreas Fault
          • Intra plate hotspots- areas of the Earth where there is volcanic activity that can't be  explained by plate tectonics
            • Hawaiian Islands


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