Environmental Systems Definitions

A collection of definitions for the environmental systems exams.

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B.O.D (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)

The amount of dissolved oxygen required to degrade organic material in a given volume of water via aerobic biological activity.

Organic = any living plant or animal, remnants or matter.

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Changes of community over time - organisms changing the physical environment (edaphic factors) that then allow other communities to become more established,then replace former species via competition, latter seres are more complex -climax communities.

Edaphic = soil profile

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Ecosystem & Biome

Ecosystem: A community if interdependent organisms and the physical environment they inhibit. Including abiotic and biotic factors.

Biome: A collection of ecosystems sharing similar climatic conditions.

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An excess input of nutrients into a freshwater ecosystem, mostly from anthropogenic activity such as fertilizer use which involve harmful nitrates and phosphates, sewage and detergents.

Leading to algae blooms which prevent photosynthesis and deplete oxygen levels.

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