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Define the term biome.

  • A collection of ecosystems sharing similar climatic conditions; for example, tundra, tropical rainforest, desert.
  • Int: Biomes usually cross national boundaries (biomes do not stop at a border; for example, the Sahara, tundra, tropical rainforests).

Explain the distribution, structure and relative productivity of tropical rainforests, deserts, tundra and any other biome.

- Tropical Rainforests:

  • High productivity
  • High precipitation (2500 mm yr¹) throughout the year
  • High insolation
  • High temperature (26 ʻC)
  • Good nutrient cycling = High rate of decomposure
  • Highest NPP

- Temperate Forests:

  • Medium productivity
  • 4 seasons (Insolation and temperature varies)
  • Good growing season in the summer


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