Geog Fieldwork

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  • Geography Fieldwork
      • To investigate the success of regeneration using economic, social and environment measures.
      • Rope Walks has had a pro founded effect on the regeneration.
      • The regeneration scheme has increased opportunities for work, training and tourism spending.
      • The regeneration has improved the physical enviroment
      • Liverpool Vision
        • Physical and economic development
      • Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise
        • Future economics
        • New investments
        • Developing tourism
      • John Moores University
        • Liverpool Science park
        • Growth of knowledge and talent pool
      • Grid iron pattern to make sample points easy
      • Major roads  linking university and  cathedrals and smaller roads at right angles (24 points)
      • Questionnaire
        • Practical and cost effective. Large amount of info in a short period
        • Can be subjective
      • EnvironmentalQuality Survey
        • Can be subjective
      • Flow Diagram
        • Show movement, direction and volume of people. 1mm=10 people
          • Pie Charts
          • Divided and divergent bar chart
        • Real distance and direction may be distorted to create a clear image
      • Secondary data
        • Refer to data shine- difference in crime rates
        • Education results
        • Funded projects and investment
      • Use all results to support and be factual.
        • All alternative hypothesis proven due to continuous trend of regeneration factors  influencing results- such as aesthetically pleasing environment
        • Questionnaires showed people thought the investment was well worthwhile
      • Geographical  trends i.e pedestrian flow increased due to rope walks& Liverpool one
        • Dramatic improvement since the docks and factory closure leaving some regions (Everton) very derelict.
          • Comparing regions demonstrates the success of the project, especially land use and environmentally.
      • Flaws in data collection
      • Weekday- could of done a series of days for a more accurate result (busier on weekend) - more people on weekend for leisure
      • Pooled results for environmental quality survey for a better reliability
        • Could use a land use map or GIS mapping to show spatial difference of areas
      • Aim of study& background information linked to theory
      • Primary and secondary information


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