UNIT 2 GEOG- River flooding

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Fieldwork and research- River flooding

Q) Describe fieldwork and research you undertook to investigate flood risk

Flood risk is the potential damage to people, businesses and the environment, for example, the economic impacts the River Thames could face if flooding occured.

The aim of my study was to investigate the impacts of flooding. I investigated the river Colne, Gade and Chess and the canal of Rickmansworth.  I used an aerial map to locate the three rivers. The aerial map showed us physical and human feautures, for exapmle, the topography of the area- This was an example of my secondary reseach. The website "www.London.gov.uk" had a plan for the river colne, and how it could be maintained. Along with these rivers i investigated three sites which were chosen as regular intervals along the river: Stockers lake, Batchworth lock and Croxley common moor. I did feildwork on these sites which allowed me to check for any signs of river flooding and i also completed a flood risk assessment.

I did not do questionnaires, however, if i was to use this primary technique i would have asked questions to local residents.

The first site i observed was Stockers lake near the river chess. This site had a river flood pain topography. It was flat and had trees and


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