Genetic Engineering

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  • Genetic Engineering
    • Genetic engineering is the manipulation of an organisms genetic material to change or add a certain characteristic.
    • A useful gene is cut from an organisms DNA using enzymes.
      • Enzymes are used to cut another organisms DNA and then to insert the useful gene.
        • This technique creates genetically modified organisms.
    • Genetic engineering can benefit humans:
      • Golden rice contains beta carotene, a source of Vitamin A derived from daffodil.
        • With golden rice as part of a diet, fewer people will suffer from Vitamin A deficiency and it will help prevent blindness and treat malnutrition in the third world.
      • The human insulin gene can be inserted into bacteria to produce human insulin which is limited in supply.
      • Scientists have managed to add genes to plants which can make then herbicide resistant.
        • Fields of crops can be sprayed with a herbicide and kill all the plants or weeds except the modified plants. This increases crop yield of the crop which could target famine in poorer countries.
    • Genetic engineering is a controversial topic because:
      • The development of herbicide resistant weeds.
      • There is no proof that genetically modified crops are safe.


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