Genetic modification

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  • Genetic modification
    • Restriction enzymes
      • DNA cutting enzymes
    • Ligase
      • Joins broken molecules of DNA together
    • Plasmid
      • A plasmid is a small circle of DNA
      • Vector
        • A vector is an organism that does not cause disease itself
          • For example plasmids and vectors
        • Vectors take up pieces of DNA, then insert the recombinant DNA  into other cells
    • Recombinant DNA
      • DNA that has been formed artificially by combining DNA from different species
    • Human insulin
      • 1) The gene for making insulin is cut from a length of human DNA using restriction enzymes
      • 2) It is inserted into a plasmid using ligase enzymes
      • 3) The plasmid goes into a bacterial cell
      • 4) The transgenic bacterium reproduces, resulting in millions of identical bacteria that produce human insulin
    • Food production
      • Increased resistance to a range of pests and pathogens
      • Increased heat and drought tolerance
      • Increased salt tolerance
      • A better balance of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals
    • Transgenic
      • Transgenic means the transfer of genetic material from one species toanother
        • they contain  genes transferred from another species.


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