Generation gap

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  • Generation gap
    • N dad treated her like T
      • "I have been your doll wife...I was daddy's doll child"
    • N has different ideas
      • "I must take steps to educate myself"
    • Nora inherited acceptance of the way she's treated
      • "I acquired the same tastes. Or I pretended to"
    • Rank has to pay for his fathers life
      • "Do penance for my father's gay subaltern life"
    • Torvald believes one generation influences another
      • "traceable to the mothers"
    • Gap between father and sons
      • "to him they were all my sons"
    • Gap between Kate and Ann
      • "How's that for three weeks' salary" "She's Larry's girl" "He's dead I know"
    • Sue dominates Jim
      • "For ten dollars"
    • George and his father
      • "He loved you so much...we did a terrible thing"


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