A Modest Proposal - Johnathen Swift Satire

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  • A Modest Proposal - Johnathan Swift's Satirical Essay
    • GAP
      • Genre: A Satirical Essay on the economic state of Ireland during a state of starvation
        • Audience:  Those who were fans of Swifts works such as Gulliver's   Travels.
          • Purpose: To critique social issues at the time.
    • Context
      • Ireland was dangerously poor and overpopulated, kept weak by British ruling.
      • Swift made several proposals to the Irish Gov and A Modest Proposal was a frustrated parody of these serious proposals
      • Johnathan Swift
        • Was not born into wealth, lost his father and was unwell most of his childhood.
          • Mother gave him over to his rich Uncle, he then went to private school.
        • A successful write but also heavily criticised as his publishes were often taboo.
    • Satire
      • To prompt readers to cure the problem under debate although hidden with hummour
      • Incongruity
      • Hyperbole/ Caricature
    • meiosis is used within the title the proposal is not 'modest'
    • Polysyllabic Lexis
      • Gives authority and appeals to the well educated audience.
      • 'Rudiments', 'nutriment'.
    • 'Saleable Commodity'
      • Subject specific lexis
        • Dehumanises the Children
          • Emphasises the mass poverty and loss of hope Ireland was suffering from.
    • Long complex sentences with multiple clauses.
      • trying to establish authority
    • 'these children are seldom the fruits of marriage'
      • euphemism, formal text.
      • 'fruits' dehuninises
    • 'baked or boiled'
      • Positive sound contrasts with the subject matter.


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