gender schema theory

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  • Gender schema theory
    • Martin and Halverson
      • They were similar to Kohlberg in that they believed children were active in acquiring knowledge and understanding of their gender.
      • They differ because : They do not need to reach consistency to process gender appropriate material.
        • They claim that when a child has identified themselves as a boy or a girl, the child can take interest in appropriate behaviour.
    • A gender schema
      • Its a knowledge package from prior experience that can be constantly added to and used.
      • Children learn schemas related to gender from their interactions with other children as well as films etc.
        • They have the function to organise and structure information that is presented to children, learn about appropriate toys and clothes.
    • In group and out group schemas
      • Gender typed behaviour appears when a child can identify their gender, normally 2-3 yrs . Child gendered group is in group. Childs opposite sex is outgroup.
      • They are responsible for their knowledge of ingroup.Boys would not engage in behaviours associated with outgroup , categorise behaviours and put them into schemas.


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