Gender Differences and Achievement

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  • Gender Differences and Achievement
    • Why Girls Achieve
    • Why  Boys Under Achieve
      • Laddish Subcultures
        • Masculinity is formed in school and boys don't want to be labelled as gay
      • Boys and literacy
        • The gender Gap is mainly due to the boys poor literacy skills
          • according to the DCSF (2007)
            • Its mothers who do most of the reading to young children so  its seen as a more feminine thing
              • In addition boys leisure pursuits such as football and video games  don't help their communication skills
                • Whereas girls have a bedroom  culture which is based on staying in and talking with friends
  • (1994) Sue Sharpe interviewed girls in the 70's and 90's
    • She found that girls in the 70's had low asperations and saw success as unfeminie
      • Whereas girls in the 90's were more career driven


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