Crime and Devicance: Topic 5: Gender, cime and justice

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  • Gender, crime and justice
    • Gender patterns in crime
      • 4/5 of convicted offenders in England and Wales are men
      • By the age of 40, 9% of women had committed crimes vs. 39% of men
      • Female crimes are less likely to be reported
      • It is said that female crimes are under represented as they are not likely to be imprisoned
      • The chivalry thesis - Otto Pollak - men have protective attitudes towards women
      • Women are controlled in all enviroments and so are less likely to commit crimes
      • Evidence against chivalry thesis - Farington and Morris - women are also given harsh sentences e.g. MC dealt with 408 offences of theft - link to shop lifting
      • Bias against women - feminists - As Heidson - double standards/ As Steward - no child or husband women seen as male by courts
      • Carlen - girls seen as good get no custodial sentence unlike those stereotyped
      • Scottish judges are harsher with women who take less care of their kids
      • Walklate - i **** cases if a women is not seen as innocent, her case will not be believable
      • Women who lack respect: single mothers, punks, protestors - in court.
    • Explaining female crimes
      • Biological and socialisation are important when dealing with crimes of women
      • Lambroso and Ferrero - few born female criminaals
      • Functionalists sex role theory - boys and girls are socialised differently, social control (link)
      • Parson: families
      • Link to education and females +males
      • Cohen: subcultural theory of lack of a role model
      • New Right theorist - absence of male role model - nuclear family
      • Family needs to be patriarchal
      • Heidson partirachal control: home - dobash and dobash, public - police and at work - male managers
      • Carlen: class and gender deal
        • Class deals: women who work will be rewarded
        • Gender deals: patriarchal ideology promises women material and emotional rewards from family life through conforming to dometic gender role
        • Women commit crimes when both deals are nott fuffilled
    • Liberation thesis
      • If society is not patriarchal women and men crimes will be similar
      • Alder - women become liberated from partiarchy and crimes more frequent
      • Women are W//C areand are more liely to commit crimes
    • Why do men commit crime?
      • Ma=esserschmit - men in socioety
      • Socialisation and bilogical
      • Feminst - partirachy - men controlling society
      • All men want to be the hegemonic masculine
      • Middle class white youth
      • White working class male
      • Black lower working class men
      • Is masculinity an explanation or description of the male offenders
      • Why do men use crime to commit crimes?
      • Does not explain the male crimes/types of crimes
      • Why does the man need to feel in control
    • Winlow: Post modernity, masculinity and crime
      • Globalisation has led to a shift ifrom modern industrial society to s late modern or post modern de-inddustrialised society
      • Bouncers: given jobs that link to many crimes
      • Clowrd and Ohlin - hrd men eraned respect due to ability to use violence - conflict vs. criminal subcultures
      • Links to boddily capital  - if he looks strong, he seems that way to all that see him


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