Gender and crime

This can be used to answer 50 marker questions such as:

  1. Outline and assess the relationship between gender and crime.
  2. Outline and assess socilogical explanations for higher crime rates in men.
  3. Outlne and assess socilogical explantions for lower crime rates in women
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  • Gender and crime
    • Introduction
      • Only 20% of crime is committed by women.
    • Why do women commit less crime?
      • Social control
        • Mcrobbie - Bedroom subculture. girls are kept in their rooms to socialise while boys are allowed to go out more and spend time with their friends
        • Sue Lees- The language used towards girls is different eg princess, sweetheart. this suggests that they are vunerable
        • Chivalry thesis
          • The idea that the police and the courts are more lenient towards women because they are seen as incapable of committing a crime or they seem innocent.
    • why do women commit crime? is this increasing?
      • Liberation
        • Francis Adler- Many women now take on male roles which means that they are more likely to take part in male criminal activity.
        • Denscombe- researchj on young women showed that they adopted stereotypically male looks and behavior to get respect
          • supported by John pitts
      • Economic marginalisation
        • box and Hale -  women face high rates of unemployment and inadequate welfare benefits
        • Female convicts scored highly on femininity tests
        • Lack of control
          • Pat Carlen - 39 working class who were criminals. They had broken down social mechanisms
    • Why do men commit more crime
      • Young boys are socialised to be dominant and aggressive.
      • Msserschmidt- masculinity has be accomplished. Some men cannot assert thier power due to the decline in the labour industry so they resort to violence.
      • Katz- pleasure is gained from taking part in criminal activities
      • Matza- boys are unsure of their role and place in society so they tend to drift in and out of society and this leads to crime.


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