Gender inequality in India

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  • Women's rights in India
    • Gender inequality issues
      • 112th out of 153 in the Global Gender Gap Index
      • 129th out of 189 in the UN's Gender Inequality Index
      • Violence against women
        • 28.7% of women experience gender violence
        • Deeply rooted patriarchal society
        • Cruelty by husband and his relatives (31.9%)
        • Over 90 rapes a day
        • Assault on women (27.6%)
      • Modern slavery
        • 14.3 million victims in India, mainly women and girls
          • Includes trafficking for sexual exploitation
      • Property ownership
        • women's rights in ownership of land and property are very limited
      • Employment opportunities
        • Even women with full secondary of tertiary education don't enter the workforce
          • Makes it hard not to conform to social norms and stay at home
        • Expected to stay at home raising kids
      • Discrimination in the workplace
        • Maternity benefits are denied
        • Most women do not return to work after childbirth
          • 25% of married women don't return after
        • Only 13.8% of board member in companies are women
      • Political participation
        • Lack of women in government and any level
          • Only 11.4% of seats held are women
      • Access to healthcare
        • Extreme gender discrimination against women in access to healthcare
      • Access to education
        • Families require girls to contribute to housework therefore they don't attend school despite enrolment in primary schools increasing
          • They can the marry off their child with the skills of a housewife
          • Only 70% of girls attended primary school, less at secondary school
    • Consequenceof inequality issues
      • Women have been subject to murder or disfigurement when a dowry payment cannot be met
        • Women are expected to pay their husbands family to marry
        • 7166 dowry related deaths in 2018
      • Women can be subject to honour killing by their own family if they refuse their arranged marriage
      • Many women are beaten in the home and subject to sexual violence.
      • Women's health is at rick during and after pregnancy causing a high MMR 113/100,000
      • High infant mortality rate (IMR) 39.1 under age 1 per 1000 live births
      • Sex-selective abortions have occurred with the desire for male offspring
    • Evidence of changing norms
      • Laws and treaties
        • Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
        • Dowry Prohibition Act, 2008
          • Still dowry payments being made, 7166 dowry related deaths in 2018
        • Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
          • 52% of women believe it is right for a man to beat their wife still
      • Women Safety Division (within Indian Ministry)
        • Strengthening law enforcement to create more accurate reporting of crimes
      • Large companies provide child-care facilites


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