Changing Places - Shifting Flows

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  • Changing Places - Shifting Flows
    • Demographic Change
      • Flows of Money and Investment: Investing money can attract people to live there, eg London Docklands.
      • Flows of people: change the age or gender balance. eg Large scale migration from N Africa to Eur altered gender balance because most migrants are male.
    • Cultural Characteristics
      • Flows of People: people moving to a place bring their culture with it. Multi-ethnic communities create a wide range of languages spoken, religions and food.
      • Flows of Money and Investment and Ideas: new cultural ideas can change the characteristics of that place - eg Fast Food such as KFC and McDonald's from the USA opened in China in 90s - changed eating habits of china.
    • Economic Characteristics
      • Flows of People: people visiting places eg St Ives in Cornwall used to be a fishing village but now it is a tourist destination. this has altered type of jobs available.
      • Flows of resources: outward flow of products and resources impacts the economy. they can now be sold to global markets. eg the Scottish Whisky industry has brought employment and money to even remote islands in Scotland.
      • Flows of Money and Investment: reduced investment and competition from global markets has lead to industrialisation in UK. eg Many jobs lost in South Wales when coal mines closed during 50s-80s. Inward flows of investment can be positive eg in the finance industry in London has created high value service sector jobs and made it wealthy.
    • Social Inequality
      • Flows of People: migration to urban areas eg India has large slums developing in Mumbai. They have low quality of life.
      • Flows of resources: the outward flow of resources eg Oil is extracted from Nigeria but most of this wealth goes to only a few individuals, while many are still in abject poverty.
      • Flows of Money and Investment: the process of gentrification has improved areas but it can increased inequality eg Notting Hill now has much lower levels of deprivation, but inequality still exists between the wealthy newcomers and poorer existing residents.


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