Gender and crime

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  • Gender and crime
    • Females most likely to commit crimes like fraud, theft and burglary
      • Less likely to be convicted- hence why prison population is mostly male dominated
    • Men overwhelmingly commit more crime than women
      • HOME OFFICE- men more likely to serve custodial sentences for motoring sentences than women
        • Considered more serious when committed by a male
    • Authorities took into consideration more for females( 78% compared to 53% in males) whether they showed remorse, were young, had children, were unemployed and had good education
      • Women in the prison system are more likely to have been a victim of abuse
    • CSE+W suggests that men are more likely to be victims of crime
      • Most likely to happen to young men and women
      • Men tended to be victims of domestic violence and crimes committed by partners/ ex-partners
      • Nearly 1/4 of females had experienced family abuse from a young age
        • 7x more likely to report sexual violence than a male is
      • Men were more likely to die from being hit, whereas males were more likely to die from being strangled


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