Gabrielli- In Ecclesiis

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  • Gabrielli- In Ecclesiis
    • Resources
      • Four vocal soloists (countertenor, alto, tenor, baritone)
      • Four part choir (AATB)
      • Instruments, 3 cornetti, viola, 2 sackbuts and organ
    • Background
      • Sacred choral motet- a Latin motet
      • Likely first performance at St Mark's c.1600-1612
    • Form
      • Sectional determined by text. Six sections all through-composed
        • 5 vocal sections (2 solo, 2 duet, 1 tutti), each concluded by choral alleluia. Last extended
        • 1 instrumental section. (Sinfonia) Halfway through.
    • Texture
      • Solo sections: Monody
      • Choral Homophony (Alleluia section)
      • Interweaving counterpoint: Cadential phrases end of alleluia
      • Imitation in concerted sections, (duets)
      • Canons between instruments in sinfonia.
      • Complex texture by interweaving and canonic parts at climax
      • Colla Parte writing
    • Tonality
      • A minor with many modal features
    • Harmony
      • Mostly diatonic, some chromaticism created by echapees
      • Some sequences
      • Suspensions
      • False relation
      • Consonant 4ths
    • Melody
      • Short motifs often taken up in imitative writing
      • Vocal writing mostly stepwise, some leaps up to 4th or 5th
    • Rhythm and Metre
      • Syncopation
      • Hemiola


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