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  • Post modernism
    • Diversity
      • Society is so fragmented that we have a diverse range of ways to do things and views about them
      • We accept other cultures and integrate them into our identities
      • We tend to see things as a number of possibilities
    • Risk
      • We live in a risk society as social structures have broken down and there is no uniform way of doing things
      • No sure foundation to knowledge
    • Choice
      • People now have many many choices on how to live their lives
      • We take a more personal perspective to politics
      • There are so many versions of the truth that people cease to believe any of them
    • Frag mentation
      • Society has broken apart and things mean different things now, variety of meanings
      • Society has become so fragmented that meta narratives are useless at explaining it
      • Culture is fragmented and unstable because of the media
    • We base our identities off material things rather than theses like religion therefore identity is more unstable
    • Evaluation
      • It ignores power and inequality, E.g the media is dominated by the ruling class
      • Identities through consumption ignores the impacts of poverty
      • it's a bit contradictory saying metanarratives don't exist then trying to explain society
      • People aren't passive, they can distinquish between media and reality
      • By assuming that all theories are equally true, you are legitimising immoral practices


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