Functional Area activities

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  • Functional Area Activities
    • Human Resources: Recruiting staff ,creating a safe workplace , training staff and interviewing staff who are about to leave the business
    • Marketing: Doing market/customer research, making promotional materials, managing social media accounts and providing internal communication
    • R&D; Making a product in response to research findings, update existing products and trying to make a innovating product
    • Customer Service: Dealing with customer complaints, answering customer questions and provide customers with the correct information
    • Administration: Keeping well organised files and records of business activity ,scheduling appointments and providing office support
    • Procurement:Evaluating supply options , maintaining a positive relationship with the supplier and supervising staff
    • Finance: Making a budget, paying taxes and completing a finacial report.
    • IT: Installing new  software, fixing hardware problems and teaching employees how to use the technology/software
    • Sales: Setting a goal pf reaching a certain amount of sales by a certain time,managing customer orders , creating sales plans and analyzing data


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