Freud on little Hans

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  • Freud on Little Hans
    • Background
      • Theory of personality
      • Theory of mental disorder
      • Psychoanalysis
    • Aims
      • Document the case of little Hans
      • Evidence to support Oedipus complex , phobias and psychoanalysis
    • Method
      • Design
        • Case study longitudinal
      • Sample
        • One Boy , Hans opportunity sample
      • Research Technique
        • Mixture of interview, self report and observations
    • Procedure
      • Data written down by Hans father
      • Reports sent to Freud diary format
      • Final account consisted of
        • Factoral record, diary entry from Hans farther
        • Observations of Hans behaviour
        • Convos Between Hans and his farther
        • Analysis of the events over the two years
    • Results
      • Early life
        • Hans experienced the Oedipus complex
        • Hans had an obsession for his Wildder
        • Castration fear
      • Analysis
        • Fear of horses due to ego defence mechanism
        • Fear of horses due to unconscious fear of farther
        • Cart fear  because they represented pregnancy
        • Giraffe daydream shows attractors to his mother
      • Resolution
        • Fantasy of being a farther shows he passed through the oedipus complex


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