Forces that change shapes

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  • Forces that change shapes
    • Forces can deform or change shape. (foam in a cushion changes easily)
    • Change in shape can be undetectable - its either a tiny change or it occurs to quickly to notice (this is when the object returns to original shape)
    • Elastic objects are shaped by push ad pull - but will return
    • Work done = when an object is pushed/pulled
    • Potential energy = energy stored in object
    • Extension = the added length when a spring srtretches
    • Proportional = If a force on the spring doubles as the amount it stretches does too
    • F = k (x)
      • F = force (n)
      • K = spring constant (N/m)
      • X = extension (m)
    • Spring constsant is worked out from shape of graph
    • Rearrange equation to get subject you want!


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