Forces and elasticity

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  • Forces and Elasticity
    • When a force is applied to an object it may change the shape of the object or make it to stretch
      • If the object returns to its original shape when the force is removed then it is an elastic object
    • Work is done to elastic objects to change their shape
    • When objects stretch they store elastic potential energy
      • This is converted into kinetic energy when the force is removed
        • Makes the object return to its original shaoe
    • The extension of an elastic object is directly proportional to the force applied
      • Extension is measured in metres
      • Force is measured in newtons
      • Force applied = spring constant x extension
    • The limit of proportionality
      • The max force that an elastic object can take and still extend proportionally
      • When a force goes past the LoP the material will be permanently stretched
        • Object won't go back to its exact shape at the start


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