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  • For my Lover
    • A02
      • 11 Quatrains with 2 couplets
      • Confessional poem
      • Lots of enjambement - her free flowing confessions or length of affair
      • Metaphors showing the positive qualities of his wife 'Fireworks in the middle of dull February'
      • Shift change in tone on line 29 'I'
      • Sexual imagery 'small red wound'
    • A03
      • Postmodern
      • Anne Sexton 1969
      • Divorce was taboo in the 60's
      • Mistress POV
      • Sexton had a lack of sanity, makes the poem unusual
    • Main Ideas
      • Unusual image of female heart
      • Setting lover free
      • Telling her lover to return to his wife
      • 'Tells stories that are immensely significant to mid 20th' (George)
    • Links with Jane (A04)
      • The idea of mistresses is prevalent in both texts
        • Both mistresses also remove themselves as a barrier allowing the pure love of marriage to win out
        • Bertha is silenced vs poem from mistress POV (era)
      • Both texts present an atypically (for the era) strong female


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