Football in popular recreation

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  • Football during popular recreation
    • Mob football was an example of early ball games during popular recreation
    • Games of mob football would have been a rowdy, violent encounter between 2 villages
    • Mob football was often played on holy days such as shrove tuesday
    • It was frowned upon by the church for causing a disturbance on holy days
    • Mob football often caused injury which lead to people not being able to work so was a risky sport
    • Mob football had a lack of rules, pitch, referees or positions
    • The  game became illegal however it survived due to lack of police
    • Mob football was popular and attracted huge crowds of players and spectators
    • It was a simple game as the ball was made of pig skin and there was no other equipment needed
    • There would often have been wagering on games of mob football
    • It was a rural game as it would be played over fields and streams


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