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  • flooding
    • Yangtze
      • facts
        • longest river in Asia- 6300km long
        • drainage basin over 1.8mliion km2
        • extremely important element of chinas economic and social geography
      • 1998 flooding
        • 3700 deaths
        • 15 million lost homes
        • economic loss of over $26 billion
        • inundated 25 million hectares of cropland
        • causes
          • rainfall along the river between Nov 1997 and April 1998 was highest ever recorded
          • most serious snow melt disaster over the winter period
          • deforestation
          • incomplete levees
          • monsoon rains
    • Severn
      • facts
        • runs along English/Welsh border
        • upper course is above 300m in steep slopes with low permeability
        • lower course most of the catchement is only a few metres above sea level
        • many tributaries
        • anual rainfall in welsh mountains exceeds 2000mm and is intense and prolonged
        • there are many buildings on the severn flood plain, without adequate defenses
      • 2007 flood
        • heavy rainfall 20th July, 135mm of rain felel in  Penshore in just 16 hours
        • wettest summer since 1766
        • soils saturated from rain in June
        • avons flood plain flooded first
        • slow moving warm depressions, carrying more moisture than normal
        • effects
          • people left without power supply and water treatment. loss of power for 50,000 for two days, no water for 140,000 for 5 days, 10,000 motorists stranded on m5
          • m5 shut, crops destroyed, 27,000 domestic insurance claims
          • thousands of small mammals drowned, fish left stranded after water retreated
        • responses
          • severn trent water authortiy had 5 million litres of bottled water distrubuted every day
          • £87 million for emergency aid fundings for schools transports and businesses
          • increase of spending to £800 million on flood defences


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