Gloucestershire Flood MEDC & Thames management against flooding in Oxford

Fact sheet including the causes, effects and the management of the Gloucestshire floods in 2007 also includes the Thames management to flooding in Oxford. 

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Gloucestershire Floods (2007) and Management of the London Thames

After a very dry April, the summer of 2007 was one of the wettest on record. Heavy rainfall
at the end of June led to flooding in some areas in Gloucestershire, both from surface water
overloading the drainage systems and…

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Land Use Zoning- Areas closer to the river or on the floodplain are given the use for farming,
sports fields and allotments. This is because these features require low maintenance and are
easy to build or repair, both economically and physically.
Flood relief schemes- Flood relief channels, dredging and flood…


Mr A Gibson


Cause, effect, management/strategies/response and managing future risk... all you need for longer answers requiring a detailed case study.

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