Fish Tank Context

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  • Fish Tank Context
    • Social Mobility
      • movement within or between a social strata
      • Connor presents a possibility for movement as he's working class, ruined at the end
      • irony in Connor wanting to live like underclass of Joanne, carefree
    • Social Issues in 2009
      • over-sexualisation of young girls, e.g. Mia and ****** dancing
      • alcohol abuse and unemployment
    • East London Council Estate
      • housing provided by gov/ council
      • East End was known for poverty and "chav" stereotype was big in social warfare
    • Chadwell St Mary- Connor's estate
      • Essex predominantly white, Catholic, working class, pensioners
      • Connor has power over family socially, reflected through lifestyle
    • Arnold's career up to film
      • worked in TV while writing stories
      • studied at American Film Institute where she wrote short stories
      • brought up by a young single mother
    • Jarvis and Fassbender
      • Fassbender's professional acting suits working class, Jarvis's unprofessional suits underclass
      • Jarvis was found arguing with boyfriend at bus stop
    • Music
      • hip hop and R&B which can be misogynistic opposed with androgynous inclusive street dancing
      • Joanne's dancing signifies her being stuck in teenage mindset


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