Fish Tank Themes

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  • Fish Tank Themes
    • Social Class
      • Mia represents a "workless class", opposed with Connor who is working class and earning money
      • fine gradation of classes- different types of housing, cars, surroundings
      • challenges with lack of social mobility and opportunities
      • lack of opportunities for creative expression for women- sex working seen as opportunity
    • Sexual Exploitation of Young Women
      • dancing scene misleads Mia to believe it is professional dancing
      • Connor sexually exploits Mia and takes advantage of her vulnerability
    • Lack of Positive Male Figures
      • missing relationship with father causes Mia to resort to other methods of closure such as sex with Connor
      • Connor is flawed as he craves a young, carefree lifestyle
      • day out seems promising of a potential family bonding
      • underlying violent yet sexual tone in film, Keeley's father and boy travellers
      • Billy is the only positive male figure, challenges traveller stereotypes of misogyny
    • Dysfunctional Families
      • childish behaviour of mother prevents Mia and Tyler from growing up
      • bond of Mia and mother shown through them dancing, love language
      • ambiguity shown in fun and freedom still being portrayed
    • Loneliness
      • different from other girls, loss of Keeley clearly impacted her loneliness, tracking shots
    • Childhood
      • lifestyle of adults portrayed seems teenage-like
      • deprived of basics like clothing and food
    • Nature and Freedom
      • freedom outside of house, birds, balloons and ladybird create optimism
      • lake scene with Keira opposes idea of freedom as she takes hers


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