First Movement from Symphony No.40 in G minor

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  • First Movement from "Symphony No.40 in G minor"
    • Time Signature: 4/4
    • Tonality: G minor- associated with sadness
    • Tempo: Molto Allegro
    • Dynamics: starts off P but lots of dynamic contrast including use of SFZ and accents
    • Rhythm: scale passages and rising sequences. 1st subject- crotchet and quaver rhythms. 2nd subject- slower, legato rhythm
    • Harmony: 1st subject- G minor. 2nd subject: B flat major (relative major)
    • Texture: mainly "melody and accompaniment" texture- HOMOPHONIC.
    • Melody and Form&Structure
      • Development: based on the opening 1st subject, texture becomes more polyphonic
      • Recapitulation: not a direct repeat, starts off in G minor and ends with a CODETTA
    • Instrumentation: 1st and 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses, 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons and 2 Horns.


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