Feudal system

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  • Feudal System - the Basics
    • why introduced?
      • ensured king had troops for free
        • army = expensive - pay for men, horses, equipment & food
      • Most expensive troops = Knights
        • system meant will could call army at any time
    • structure?
      • structure with the person at the top has the most power
        • will made sure he was at the top
      • the actual structure (powerful at top)
        • King
          • tenants in chief (Lord, Bishop)
            • under tenants (vassals)
              • peasants (some free men, some bound to one lord)
    • how was it created?
      • Will gave land to tenants in chief that were loyal
        • in return they most provide troops when king needs
      • land service called "fief"
        • land held by a vassal in return for service to a lord
        • sometimes required holder to provide knights for battle
          • Knights had to provide 40 days a year service - unpaid
          • Lords had to provide knights with money to live on when they serve the king
          • king needed the knights  to fight
      • tenants granted land to followers to reward them & so they can fulfil obligations to king


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