Composition of the army: 1250-1500

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  • Composition of the army 1250-1500
    • Composition of armies
      • Armies were made up of infantry and mounted knights (cavalry)
      • Infantry were peasants who fought on foot and were treated poorly compared to other soldiers
        • They wore skull caps and leather jackets for protection
      • Mounted knights were noble and fought on horseback, they were armed with swords and protected by helmets and chainmail
    • Social structure and army command
    • The feudal structure and attitudes were impacted on how armies were commanded, armies were commanded by people in superior social positions
    • Feudal system
      • The feudal system organised society into groups based on peoples roles
      • Land was granted in return for service to the lord
      • Those serving their lord in battle provided their own equipment
      • When the feudal system began to break down, it was more difficult to persuade people to fight so kings paid for soldiers to fight for them


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