Richard and John - Life in England: Key Terms

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  • Life in England: KEY TERMS
      • a piece of land
        • owned or rented by  individual or group of peopel
      • feudal system centred on landholding
      • all land in England belonged to King
        • he distributed it as he please
      • lord could take control of fifer of minor heir
        • until heir came of age
      • tenants would forfeit land or property
        • if King thought they were guilty of crime
    • FIEF
      • fee based on estate of land held by tenants
        • on condition of feudal system
      • power to control appointments to office or the right to privildges
      • the power o control something
      • King able to give and take people's titles and land
        • in many cases the favourites are given better positions
    • RELIEF
      • a one-off fine
      • payable to an overlord by heir of feudal tenant
        • in order to licence heir to take possession of fief
          • by inheritance
    • VASSAL
      • person granted use of land
        • in return for:
          • homage
          • military service


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