Feminist View of Housework

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  • Feminist View of Housework
    • Reject the 'march of progress' view
    • Men and women still remain unequal - women do most of the housework
    • Society and the family are patriarchal
    • Oakley criticises Young and Willmott's symmetrical family
    • 'Helping' their wives could be doing small tasks, and not doing so regulary
    • 15% of husbands have high levels of participation in housework
    • 25% of husbands have high levels of participation in childcare
    • Husbands are more likely to help with childcare than domestic work for pleasure reasons
    • Mothers could lose the reward of childcare because of doing more housework
    • Boulton: Young and Willmott exaggerate men's contribution
    • Sex-typing of domestic tasks
    • Young men are more willing to do their fair share
    • Women still do more domestic labour


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