feminists view on the family

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  • Feminists view on the family
    • They believe it reinstates patriarchal society.
      • Women should still be in their traditional role as housewife.
        • This is wrong in feminists eyes as it oppresses women.
    • The family socialises children into a false class consciousness
      • Means children are socialised into the specific roles that keep the patriarchal society alive
        • i.e. the housewive and the breadwinner.
    • women work a triple shift
      • Triple shift makes women unhappy as they have to do the housework, actual work and emotional work.
        • The emotional work is the personal touches of making sure everyone in your family is happy and not upset.
    • Women still do most of the housework
      • This means they don't get a chance to relax when they get home as they have to cook and clean up
        • Men should have a more equal part in all the housework as women can now work and bring in an income.


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