Feminism and the family

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  • Feminism and the Family
    • Liberal
      • Somerville - progress has been made
        • women have more freedom in choice
        • relationships with men still valued
        • greater equality in marriages - "new man"
      • positive views - change is happening e.g. equal pay act
      • nobody benefits - men miss out on private life and woman miss out on public life
      • solution - get rid of sexism by laws against discrimination
        • ignore the causes of inequality
    • Marx
      • Benston
        • wives used to provide cheap labour for employers
        • childcare - unpaid
        • maintain their husbands as workers at no costs to employers
      • men's financial power keeps women in their place
        • Sharpe - women becoming more economically independant
      • too much emphasis on economic factors
    • Radical
      • Greer
        • single woman happier than married women proved by high divorce rates
        • wives more likely to suffer acts of violence and abuse by their husbands
      • men benefit
        • idea of patriarchy is too broad without no real explanation to why women are exploited
      • woman explode through unpaid domestic labour
      • woman controlled through acts of violence
      • exaggerates inequality and fails to mention success of equality


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