Gender Inequality

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  • Gender inequality
    • Operatonalize
      • affects and both male and females
      • women have been excluded from power and vulnerable to poverty and exploitation
      • Modern sociologist are interested in issue of gender and look at both roles
    • Functionalist
      • Gender difference are functional for society and ensure stability / different roles are needed in society / fulfil domestic roles and men exercising power
        • fem would say it prevents women from actively participating in society outside the home / Dworkin argue that the suppression of women within the family is overlooked so violence against women is not challenges but seen as somehow justified
    • New Right
      • Murray - problems are a result of welfare dependency / women are unequal or poor as only have themselves to blame /
        • Hakin - feminist present a distorted picture of gender / women are making a rational choice about work / equal pay policies have been effective / choose different life courses from men
    • Marxism
      • Engels - role of women is to support capitalism, imprisoned in domestic labour / rules of marriage created to control female sexuality to benefit male
        • Zaretksy - family supports capitalism - men suffer alienation at work so exercise power in the home / through pregnancy (new workers) unpaid domestic labour and socialisation and control
          • influential on development of feminism / more interested in class so explanations are under developed / overlook other causes of gender inequality
    • Feminism
      • Lib - men control law and politics. Radical - through physical and sexual domination Marxist - result of exploration of women -
        • significant influence on society and gender roles / rejects scientific method to support feminism tends to qualitative and subjective
    • Weberianism
      • view on gender inequality are of little use, control of men over women are traditional form of power, men are biologically and mentally superior. Roles are given at birth so kids given duty of care
        • assume division of labour was natural as does not really discuss or question, linked to develop scientific research. Views on fragmention are useful in explaining position of women in contemporary society
    • Postmodernism
      • identity has become fragmented, continuum of masculine or feminine not oppositional terms.more concern with LGBT issues and innate sexism and language.
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