Feminism and the Family

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  • Feminism and the Family
    • The Family as a Place of Work
      • Housework is unpaid work
      • Men benefit from hosuework
      • Oakley- housework is hard, routine and unrewarding and it remains the primary responsibility for women
    • The myth of the symmetrical family
      • Feminists like Young and Willmot disagree with the notion that there is growing equality between partners in the family
      • It is still mainly women who:
        • perform most household and childcare tasks
        • make sacrifices to buy children clothes an make sure other family members are fed
        • are less likely to make the most important decisions in the family
        • are more likely to give up paid work. many women now work both outside the home and inside so in effect they have 2 jobs to their male partner's one
    • The greater dependency of women on men's earnings
      • Average pay of women is only about 85% of that of men, largely linked to their traditional role as housewife and mother
    • Women more likely to be victims of domestic violence


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