Feminism and Feminism and the Family

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  • Feminism
    • Structural theory
      • Society influences individuals
    • Conflict theory
      • Societies benefit certain social groups at the expense of others
    • Radical Feminism
      • Believe that patriarchal exploitation is built into all social institutions
      • a 'women-centred' approach
      • Radical feminists argue that patriarchy benefits all men and therefore men are essentially the enemy
      • Millet (1968) - claimed that separatism of the sexes is the only solution
    • Marxist Feminism
      • Believe the capitalist system is patriarchal
      • Believe all labour - paid and domestic - is exploited by the bourgeoisie
      • Gender opposition is therefore the general oppression of the working class as women are used as cheap labour and also complete unpaid domestic labour
    • Liberal Feminism
      • Strives for equality of the sexes and are optimistic this can be achieved
        • Want to change culture and laws to make society more equal
    • Feminism and The Family
      • Radical Feminism
        • Delphy & Leonard (1992) - believed that families benefit men - womens role is to flatter her husband and provide emotional support
        • Greer (2007) - argues in favour for all female households or matrifocal families
        • Believe men are the source of women's oppression
      • Marxist Feminism
        • Benstan (1972) - claimed women are more important to capitalism - they produce & rear future workforce - unpaid domestic labour ensures men are fit to work
        • Ansley (1972) - looked at how capitalism has stripped male workers of power and control - can lead women to be 'takers of ****' due to men voicing their frustrations about work at them - can lead to domestic abuse
    • Liberal Feminism
      • Somerville (2000) - full gender equality has not yet been achieved in the family - but progress has been made - symmetrical families
      • Wilkinson (1996) - economic changes in society have led to women having more economic power - 'genderquake'
      • Believe that if position of women is improved in society it'll improve in the family


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