The Feminist View of the Family


Different Approaches to Family Life

- Liberal feminists suggest that society has seen a 'march of progress' towards gender equality at home and in wider society through reforming existing laws.

- Marxist feminists have challenged traditional gender roles at home, examining the unpaid labour of women and the expectations of society on women to look after their husbands.

- Radical feminists are critical of marriage, seeing it as an unequal institution that is patriarchal in nature and where men use financial and physical power to control women. 

Liberal Feminism

- Changes to social policies that have impacted the role of women in the family.

- Encouraging employment:

  • Equal Pay Act
  • Sex Discrimination Act
  • Equality Act

- Control over reproductive rights:

  • Family Planning Act

- Marital Rights:

  • Divorce Reform Act
  • Exclusion of Marital **** Clause

Marxist Feminism

- Impacts of unpaid labour in the home:

  • Dual burden
  • Triple shift

- Expectations of women…


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