Feminism and the family

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  • Feminism and the family
    • Liberal feminism
      • Take a similar view point to that of Wilmott and Young's 'March of Progress'
      • Some studies show that men are doing more domestic labour and parents are socialising their male and female children in very similar ways
    • Marxist feminism
      • Argue that the main cause of women's oppression is a result of capitalism. Women's oppression serves several functions
        • Women reproduce the labour force
        • Women absorb anger
        • Women are a reserve army of cheap labour
    • Radical feminism
      • State that all societies have been founded on Patriarchy
      • They believe that the family and marriage are key institutions that benefit men and exploit women for their domestic and sexual services
      • They believe the family needs to be abolished and the system of patriarchy needs to be overthrown in order for women to be liberated
        • They advocate 'separatism' and 'political lesbianism'
        • Germaine Greer advocates 'matrilocal' households (the husband goes to live with the wife's family)
    • Difference  Feminism
      • Argues that we cannot generalise about women's oppression and experiences
      • They argue that lesbian and heterosexual women, white and black women, middle class and working class women have very different experiences of family
      • Black feminists view the family in a positive light as it acts as a source of resistance against racism in society


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