feminism and family

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  • feminism + the family
    • liberal feminists
      • gender  inequality is a result of traditional socialisation
        • socialised into traditional roles , female is expressive and male is instrumental
        • believe in the march of progress , through new laws like the sex discrimination act ,equality can be achieved
    • radical feminists
      • gender inequality as a result of patriarchy
        • family is root of all oppression , needs to be abolished , through separatism
        • political lesbianism is needed
        • age patriarchy , adult domination of children
        • women do most of the work and men feel most of the benefit
    • marxist feminists
      • gender inequality as a result of capitalism
        • nuclear family meets the needs of capitalism by reproducing the next workforce
        • maintains the present workforces emotional fitness , women are "takers of ****"according to Ansley
        • women  can be used as a reservee army of labour
    • intersectional feminists
      • challenge other forms of feminism , cannot generalise female experience
        • criticise  feminist for generalising all women experiences ,
        • white feminists neglect black and asian women experience of racism


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